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  • Best MBA College In Pune
  • Best MBA College In Pune
  • Best MBA College In Pune
  • Best MBA College In Pune
  • Best MBA College In Pune
  • Best MBA College In Pune
  • Best MBA College In Pune
  • Best MBA College In Pune
  • Best MBA College In Pune
  • Best MBA College In Pune


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                        Admission Open for A.Y 2018-2019 to fillup Enquiry Form click here.       AICTE_curbing_the_menace_of_ragging                   We do not Entertain Consultants. Students are Requested to Contact us Directly.                            Suryadatta : Enriching Careers, Enhancing Lives!                          Suryadatta Family request you all to wear helmet while riding 2 wheelers, use seat belt for 4 wheelers.  Suryadatta : Concern your safety.



Dear Friends,

The present times have witnessed a great technological revolution. The greatest challenge to businesses everywhere is not from low cost producers but from low cost and effective innovators.

India has always been recognized as a niche knowledge hub. This has led to greater agility among the Indian talent pool to handle global operations.



suryadatta placement - PGDM Courses in Pune

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Big Research - Brands academy, has awarded Suryadatta Institute of Management as “Best Placement for MBA & PGDM Courses in Pune” in April 2013 at the hands of Hon’ble Shri Pralhad Kakkar, Advertising n Brand Guru.




  • Suryadatta Institute of Business Management & Technology (SIBMT) is a "Pune University affiliated Govt. of Maharashtra Recognized & AICTE Approved Master In Business Management (MBA) College In Pune"

  • Suryadatta Group Of Institutes Ranked 56 amongst the Top Management institute & Best Business B - Schools in India & Ranked amongst the Top 5 Group of Institute in Pune by Outlook October 2016

  • Ranked in Platinum Category (Top 9 Institutions in Western Region) by AICTE - CII Survey of Industry-Linked Technical Institutes 2015

  • Ranked Amongst Top 30 in Western Region & in Top 150 B-Schools in India by Times of India Survey 2016 for Consecutive 3 years

  • Suryadatta College of Hospitality Management, Travel and Tourism received "WorldWide Achievers India Education Excellence Awards, 2015" for being the best institute for Hospitality and Hotel Management Institute in pune



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comma1Studying at Suryadatta was a unique, satisfying experience. The entire campus gives the feel of a leading B-school. We were encouraged to use the latest computers and
the rich library for all our assignments. At Suryadatta, I spent time in going through the latest management books and journals, working on computers improving my IT skills
which will be with me for my lifetime. Suryadatta is truly one of the best management schools in Pune. I will keep coming back to Suryadatta for recruiting students in future a suyans have versatile skills.comma2

Ms. Sohili Chakraborty

Regional Manager Hindustan Unilever Ltd





The Suryadatta Group of Institutions through experience has founded certain norms and rules for the students. These rules are mandatory to maintain the high quality of standard and discipline in the School / College / Institute. 

·         Admission will be strictly as per the norms laid down by the competent authorities.
·         Application form is to be filled in by the candidate in his / her own handwriting using ballpoint pen and countersigned as surety by the parents / guardians.            
·         It will be the responsibility of the candidate / parents to submit proper documents on the stipulated date.
·         Any attempt to submit false documents, will lead to cancellation of the admission by the competent authorities of the Institute / College. If required / deemed fit, even criminal proceedings may be initiated by the management.
·         Mark sheet and School leaving / College leaving certificate of Class X / Class XII and Graduation (wherever applicable) will have to be submitted in original.  Attested Xerox / Photocopies of other certificates will be acceptable.
·         Selected candidates will have to join the Institute / College on the stipulated date.
·         Management reserves the right or refusal to admission.
·         All Admissions are confirmed subject to the candidate fulfilling all the prescribed eligibility criteria as decided by the competent authorities and payment of requisite fees.
·         Fulfilling the eligibility criteria in itself does not assure admission to a course. The final decision to admit rest with the Institute / College.

·         Fees once paid will not be refundable under any circumstances.
·         Fees is payable by Cash / D.D. / Bank Transfer / Card Swipe only.
·         Full fees are to be paid before joining the Institute. Once registration for admission is done, change of course / transfer / cancellation will not be allowed under any circumstances.
·         Once admission is confirmed and course has commenced, you are liable to pay the entire course fee as per the schedule given to you. In case of delay, late fees as applicable, shall be charged.
·         On request for cancellation of admission, you are liable to pay the entire course fees.
·         In case of transfer of course (before 2 months from commencement of course), you will have to bear the charges of Rs. 10,000/-. Decision of the respective Directors will be final in this regard.

·         You are expected to attend all the classes regularly.
·         You have to attend all the program, seminars and events conducted by the College / Institute.
·         90 % attendance is mandatory. 10 % is exempted to meet exigencies. If 80 % attendance is not achieved at the semester / term end, you will not be permitted to appear for the examination.
·         Attending all the seminars, group-discussions, visits, work-shops, presentations, guest-lectures, yoga, visits, orientation programs, soft skills programs, foreign languages, role plays, additional input classes etc. are compulsory.
·         You have to report to your respective classroom for your lectures at least 5 to 10 minutes before the session starts in order not to disturb the faculty and students, who are already in the class. 

·         You will have to wear your I-card in College / Institute at all times.
·         You will maintain strict discipline as per the direction of competent authorities as well the organizational authorities,  Head of the Institution / College & Department of Education.
·         You can access our Internet Lab and Library in the campus before and after your classes as per the time table displayed.  You may use the Wi Fi facility provided in the campus.
·         It is necessary to have your Library Card with you, when you are using Library / Reading room in the campus,
·         It is mandatory to keep silence, maintain hygiene, and cleanliness in the campus.
·         Incase of damage to property or equipments of the Institute by you, you will be liable for fine (full cost recovery) as per the norms of the Institute / College.
·         Ragging, smoking, use of mobiles, consumption of tobacco, consumption of alcoholic drinks / drugs is strictly prohibited in the campus, hostel and vicinity of the campus.  Stringent actions will be taken against those who will indulge in such activities.
·         You will abide by the rules and directions of the Institute / College for dress code and uniforms. Uniforms are compulsory during all classes, seminars, guest lecturers & visits. College uniform & wearing of Id card is mandatory on all days when you are in campus.
·         You should not indulge in thefts, mal-practices in exams and tests, sexual mis-conducts inside or outside the Institute / College. In case of violation of norms, subordinations shown to the authorities or any other offences, the students will be liable for punishment as per the norms of the Institutes local competent authority / Department of Education.
·         You will not carry any valuables like mobile/ jewellery / laptop etc. in the institute/college campus. In case you carry such items, it shall be entirely at your own risk and responsibility.
·         As per the rules and regulations of the competent authority, use of mobile phones in the Institute/College campus is banned. Do not bring mobile phones in the campus. It shall be entirely at your own risk and responsibility.
·         You will lock and park your vehicle properly at the designated place at your own risk.
·         You will not indulge in any kind of wrong social sites & will follow all the rules & regulation of the Information Technology policies. Strict action will be taken against the Students and Parents if found so.
·         It is your responsibility to read notices on the notice boards for the latest activities / instructions by the Institution/ College.
·         You will bear moral, ethical & proper conduct during your tenure at Suryadatta Group of Institutes.
·         Students will reach college on time and will not go out until the classes are not over.
·         Students will directly go my residence / classes as per my schedule after my college hours.
·         Students should to check the notice board on daily basis for any important updates.
·         Kindly avoid wastage of water & electricity.

·         Hostels, paying guest, rented accommodation are situated in the vicinity of the campus. You will have to follow all the rules and regulations of the hostels / paying guest / rented accommodation authorities / Land of Law.
·         Hostel accommodation allotment will be done by the authorities of the institute / college based on the availability and on first come first serve basis. Change of hostels / accommodation will not be allowed in any case.
·         Do not carry any valuables like mobile/ jewellery / laptop / excess cash etc. in the hostel. In case you carry such items, it shall be entirely at your own risk and responsibility.
·         Surprise visits will be made in the Hostel. Please note that Surprise visit staff will not be responsible for any kind of theft / loss / damage of your valuables.
·         Students must inform their local / permanent residence address and contact details to the institute authorities at the time of admission. In case of change of address and contact details, the same must be immediately communicated to the institute, otherwise the communication / information sent on the available address will be treated as final.
·         You will follow all the rules and regulations of the hostels and institute. Consequences arising due to breaking of rules shall be entirely yours. You will not indulge in any unlawful, unethical & socially indecent, and unacceptable activities in or outside the College / Institute and hostels. If found so, you will be liable for punishment as per the rules of competent authority.
·         If any student is found playing, fiddling  or damaging the CCTV Camera or any other asset's of Institute's Hostel,  it will be considered as wrong intention of the student or he want to do something wrong in the hostel.
·         All students are hereby informed that, if they find anyone doing above they have to report the incident immediately to the administration department along with written application. If you don't inform then you will be solely responsible for any mishap / incident happening in the hostel.
·         If any banned / illegal items are found to be kept in the rooms of institute's hostel (knowingly or  unknowingly), room inmates will be considered as totally responsible for it & fine of Rs. 5,000/- will be Charged .       
·         For any damage / tempering / loss found on any floor to the assets of institute's hostel (electricity wiring, CCTV cameras, electricity fittings etc.), all the students in the hostel will be fined Rs. 1,000/- each. No arguments, comments will be entertained.
·         Fine of Rs. 5,000/- will be charged against- if any electrical appliances (Iron, Hot Plate, Kettle, Hair Straighter etc.) are found in the room, Misbehaviors, Noise, etc. Arguments, comments will not be entertained.

·         You are not allowed to undertake any type of jobs (fulltime / part time) - at the cost of your health, attendance, academics.
·         You will maintain your own records & personal file about admission, fee receipt, prospectus, industry visit reports, guest lecture notes etc.
·         You will have to take permission in writing from the concerned Director of the Institution / College for leave.  If you leave without permission, you will be liable for punishment and regular absenteeism without informing may lead to cancellation of admission.
·         You are required to submit assignments, appear for Internal Exams, Field Work, Project etc. as per the stipulated time and norms of the course and the Institute / College subject to satisfactory attendance requirements. Please refer to the respective Institute's / College notice boards for schedules.
·         All students must complete their home work / assignments given by the faculty and submit the same before deadline date.
·         College conducts various co curricular, cultural and extracurricular activities in the college round the year and your participation in the same is mandatory for your overall holistic development.


Other Rules & Regulations:
·         The Institute offers Industrial visits, training, field works, Seminars, Conferences, Yoga, Meditation in the premises and outdoor training camps for overall development.  You are expected to make full use of these activities and observe rules and regulations, discipline and safety requirements. Although the institute arranges these activities, you will attend the same and take utmost care and follow all rules and regulations.
·         You have to submit the Medical certificate periodically from the certified Doctor.
·         The Institute arranges industrial visits. Candidates will be nominated for these visits based on attendance, behavior, compliance for various assignments and various academic activities, etc.
·         The Institute / College reserve the right to amend, modify and change the norms, rules & regulations from time to   time.
·         I understand that Suryadatta Group of Institutes reserves the right to amend, modify and change the rules and regulations for smooth functioning and for the overall interest of the students and the Institution / College.
·         Full rights are reserved with the Director / Principal / Management / Dept. of Education to take action against the students in case of violation of the Rules & Regulations.
·         In case of disputes, the decision of the Director / Principal of the respective Institute / College shall be treated as final and binding.
·         For your own safety, kindly follow all the traffic rules of the competent authorities, wear helmet & carry all the required documents.
·         We suggest you not to use smart phones in college to avoid usages of social media and wasting your valuable time.
·         Students should not take any sort of eatables in the classroom and should not throw papers, empty bottles in the campus premises / classroom. Students should abide by the Clean India Green India Mission.
·         While leaving the classroom, it is the duty of the students to close the windows, switch off the fans and lights etc. arrange the chairs properly and then leave the classroom.
·         Students will ensure that their classmates / friends attend all the lectures and not waste their valuable time in doing non value added activities.
·         Students will ensure that their classmates / friends are following all the rules and regulations and discipline laid down by the competent authorities and by the College.
·         Students should undertake to collect all original / relevant documents from the college within a span of 3 months from the date of completion of the course.
·         Students also undertake that the college will not be held responsible for any loss of my documents etc. Incase Students don’t collect the same within the stated period after completion of the course.
·    Parents should interact with their ward on daily basis regarding their home work / assignments, feedback regarding the cocurricular and extra curricular activities, academics, etc.


Students who are staying as PG / on rented flats / with relatives etc. have to inform admin department with their local gurandian details and incase of any change in address / contact numbers etc. the same should be updated immediately to the concered authorties.

Suryadatta Students should abide by the rules & regulations during the course till the time of completion period laid by the Competent Authorities & Management.


Attention Students Alloted through "CAP Round 1" 

List of Documents click here

List of ARC Centres click here

For More Information Call

Ms. Anagha / Miss Prachi

Contact No. :  08956932402 / 08378998121 / 09881490036

Outsourcing of Animation has become widespread. Many entertainment giants such as The Walt Disney Company and IMAX are beginning to outsource an increasing amount of their animation production to Asian countries, particularly India, while other companies are outsourcing animation from India for commercials and computer games.

Diploma Courses

Animation (12 months)                                                                                                           X & Above
Architectural Visualization (AutoCAD / Autodesk Max /Vray) X & Above
Game Design and Development (Maya / Max / Unity) X & Above
Graphic Visual Design – GVD (Photoshop / Corel Draw / Illustrator /Indesign) X & Above
Graphic Web Design – (Photoshop / Dreamweaver / Flash / Java / HTML) X & Above
Visual Effects – DVFX (After Effects / Sounge Forge / Adobe Premiere)                                X & Above

Certificate Courses 

2D Animation (Sketching / Classical Animation / Flash) X & Above
3D Animation (Autodesk Max / Autodesk Maya / Autodesk Mudbox) X & Above
Photoshop X & Above
Corel Draw X & Above
In-Design X & Above
AutoCAD                              X & Above
Editing (After Effects / Premiere) X & Above

Contact Details : 020-67901300 / 08956943822 /  09763266829  

SIGMA CAMPUS:-  Sr.No342, Patil Nagar, Bavdhan (BK), Pune 411021.
                                2074, Sadashiv Peth, Vijayanagar Colony, Pune-411030 Maharashtra, India.

visit :

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