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  • Unique tribute to the teachers across Globe by nonstop 9 hours program by Suryadatta’s National & International Students during celebrations of teachers day.
  • Suryadatta Felicitates Ms. Laxmi Narayan Tripathi & Mr. Anand Agarwal as best teachers on the occasion of Teachers day
  • Mr. Rahul Solapurkar inspires the students of Suryadatta through his motivational speech on the occasion of Teachers day
    Suryadatta students celebrated teachers day by expressing their devotion by presenting a unique program from 9 am to 6 pm on teachers day occasion. The program started with Deep prajawalan, Ganesh Vandana, Saraswati Vandana & Floral tributes to Sarva Palli Dr. Radha Krishnan.

                   Suryadatta Confers Best Teachers Award to Ms. Laxmi Narayan Tripathi for her contribution towards generating positive awareness in the society for transgender community on the occassion of Teachers Day 2015  An unique cultural extravaganza presented by Suryadatta Students on the occassion of the Teachers day celebration on 5th Sept. 2015

Dr. Prof. Sanjay B. Chordiya unveiled the secret of his being so young at heart. He said the students is the source of my energy and being one of them makes me younger and more energetic.

The teachers from all the Institutes of Suryadatta were called upon stage one by one and the students representatives from the respective Institutes felicitates them through their ‘Guru - Vandana’

The teachers were touched to core of their hearts by such affectionate gestures and some of them expressed that this bonding between students and them has made Suryadatta a family and not a Institute alone.

The chief Guest, Mr. Rahul Solapurkar : the well known Marathi Actor, during his motivational told students that whatever they want to become in life they should be focused in their goal and work relentlessly to achieve them. He said the dreams are meaningful which do not allow you to sleep and keep you awake. Even if you want to become a chariot driver, be like a Lord Krishna who drove Arjuna’s Chariot and delivered ‘Geetopadesh’ in Kurushektra.

Ms. Laxmi Narayan Tripathi was conferred with an award for the Best Teacher for her contribution for creating positive awareness among all strata of the society towards transgender. In her award acceptance speech Laxmi told about struggle in the initial stages of her life and express her gratitude toward the people who guided her to be what she is today. She fondly recalled how Dr. Chordiya is one the mentors.

Mr. Anand Agarwal was also conferred with an award for the Best Teacher for his contribution to in converting attitude of the people towards positiveness through his news bulletin Life 365. During his speech Mr. Anand Agrawal appled to the students to lead the life in a different way and help the society to go to next level. He cited an example of a squirrel who helped Lord Rama and his army of Money to build a bridge to reach Lanka and win over the devils.

This was followed by the cultural extravaganza of nearly 6 hours by national and International students of Suryadatta based on the theme of patriotism and salutation to Global teachers community


Resounding Success of Suryadatta Group of Institutes Suryadatta College of Hospitality Management Travel and Tourism SCHMTTs Food Festival Street Flavors of Asia

16 1 Suryadatta Education Foundation’s Suryadatta College of Hospitality Management Travel and Tourism (SCHMTT)  had organized a Food Festival – Street Flavors of Asia on the 14th October 2011 at Krishna Sunder Gardens, Pune. The Food Festival was organized by the Faculty & students of the Hospitality Management. The aim of the food festival was to give the students an experience in organizing functions and therefore covering all aspects of Hospitality Management – Event Management, Marketing, Sales, Function Catering Organization, Food Production, Food and Beverage Service, Front Office, Housekeeping & Decoration.

The Festival began with the felicitation of the Guest of Honor Mr. Sudhir Andrews and Venue partner, Mr. Amit Gaikwad, along with Prof. Dr. Sanjay B Chordiya.

The food festival was divided into 4 sections – Indian, South East Asian, China & Middle Eastern. The stalls of the respective sections were named and decorated as per the regions. The uniforms of the students also represented the region. The menu was well researched and extensive with over 52 different dishes.

The Food Festival took the guests on a culinary journey where they experienced the ambience, and savored the street food of the bustling streets of Delhi’s Chandani Chowk, the busy Racha Market of Thailand and the lively streets of China, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia. It also took them on a tour of the streets of the mystic Middle East – Yemen, UAE and Iran, for a taste of the same.

Entertainment was also provided to the guests as the students presented various dance performances from the 4 regions, National Dance of Yemen, and flaring demonstration of bottles and fire.

Over 500 people attended the festival. The Food Festival was a resounding success and the efforts of the Faculty & students were highly appreciated.

The Food Festival was organized along with Maharashtra Times as the media partner and  Mr. Amit Gaikwad, Owner Krishna Sunder Gardens as the venue partner.



A group of Suryadatta students visited Goa for various industry visits.

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Pune University MBA & AICTE approved PGDM students travelled for 5 Days to Goa, for visiting industries from varied sector..

Extensive Industry Institute Interaction is the USP of Suryadatta Group of Institutes, since its inception.

We believe in giving practical exposure to our students by way of plethora of Industry Visits on a regular basis. Students visit and study carious kinds of industry and make a pithy report followed by presentation. They are given exposure to the functions of HRD, Manufacturing, Marketing, IT, finance, Import & Export, Custom Clearance, Materials Management and Logistics.

One such comprehensive tour was recently planned for students pursuing PGD courses such as Pune University affiliated MBA, and AICTE approved PGDM. Industries planned to visit was comprising of various sectors such as Power Engineering, Manufacturing, Beverages, breweries etc..Details of the industries visited and learning of the student of each industry visit is as under :

Sr. No.Name of the IndustryActivities of the Organization Students Learning
  Pai Kane Group of Industries - Power India Engineering Company at Tuem Industrial Estate, Goa. manufacturing of Generator Sets from 5KVA to 3000KVA capacity Students visited two plants : Control Panel Manufacturing and Outer body manufacturing.
Students could physically observe the various processes such as blending , cutting, coloring, anti rust coating, control panels  etc
  Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Private Limited  Beverages Students could observe entire manufacturing process of Coca Cola.
  United Breweries Limited – (Kingfisher) Beverages Plant Students were allowed to see the manufacturing process thoroughly. They could climb on the staircase (meant for the workers in the plant)  to see how the bottling is done and how the conveyors are run throughout the plant.
  Titan Timeproducts Limited-   Head operations explained the entire manufacturing process to students and students visited the plant in two groups. One group went to the manufacturing unit for watch circuits and one group went to the engineering services.
Students could observe what is TPM and how it is implemented in industries.

Learning-  It was good learning opportunity for students.  Different type of industries ie bottling, Watch manufacturers, Generator sets manufacturing wherein students could see how it is manufactured. For students it was first experience to see such variety of industries. They were very enthusiastic in learning and asking questions regarding the process , marketing , market share, then how finance department works etc.

During the visit, students were given an opportunity for fun & entertainment and they could also enjoy the boat cruise.

Students pursuing PG courses who visited Goa, were of mix academic background such as Science, Engineering, Management etc.. It was a real field experience to the students to observe, learn and know more about various business houses across Goa.

Such experiences will certainly help them in long run to co-relate various management concepts learned in classroom to the practical world of businesses. And therefore, we keep on arranging such industry tours for students.


Suryadatta Institute of Management Girl Students attended Women Entrepreneurs Summit

382 1382 2Suryadatta Institute of Management Girl Students attended Women Entrepreneurs – Integration and Empowerment for Better Growth at Hotel Sofitel, Mumbai